Wednesday was a muggy hot day on the island with no wind to clear the moist marine air as it wrapped around my skin. By the afternoon I was exhausted from the heat. I needed a rest…my activity level doesn’t tolerate hot weather as years in the past. I did an early morning walk along the shore collecting items for future paintings while Bill painted the trim on the cabin. Mid day while he was working, I sat on the porch for several hours and sketched the calm still waters of the late August summer scene.

The eagles, blue herons, and deerkillers and other marine birds kept me busy enjoying their activity near the water. We spotted an bald eagle grasp a small fish from the shallow water then take it to a beach log to consume it. There was a lot of pleasure boats cruising the Puget Sound on their way north to the San Juan’s and south to Puget Sound waters. I would have liked to place those images into the painting but the results of doing so sometimes appear awkward and distracting in the painting.

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