Last evening I peered out my dining room window seeing a strange object on the ground underneath the giant cedar trees low hanging boughs in the front of the house. The ground is soft and warm from the shedding needles and droppings from understory native plants. The sun had been shining on that spot in the afternoon and remained warm after sunset. From my view point of about 50 feet and considering dusk was approaching and softening edges of objects from a distance, it was difficult to see what this doe was doing while resting. She appeared to be cleaning her body coat while her ears moved and twitched. I thought she would spend the night in comfort with no fear of coyotes approaching and threatening her, but later into the night she was gone.

The deer often give birth to their young near neighbors’ houses for the protection of their fawns. Then, I think after the birthing, the doe will leave her fawn in search of nutrients. In the past, we found a new born fawn on the walkway to our house while mama deer was out foraging for food. We did not touch the fawn but left it in its place until the doe returned to start their adventures together into the nearby forest.

The next morning, I walked over to the spot where the doe had been the night before and there I found an indentation in the ground the shape of a round belly where the doe had rested for a few hours. The above sketch done in pencil was drawn with the memory of the deer scene. The trees were my models that are always there.

8 thoughts on “A comfort zone for the deer

  1. Thank you, Deon. Being reclusive for health reasons gets old not being able to have close contact with friends and family. Even so, it has given us the opportunity to focus on our favorite projects and reflect what is important in our lives. We have deer on our property daily, probably because of the live creek on the lower end of our property and all the tasty greens for them to taste. Plus, we do not have a dog to patrol wild animal activity entering onto our property. I like the story of the deer birthing on your porch. Take care and be safe


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