The island rains, day cold temperatures, and gusty gale winds that blew constantly this winter have started to diminish, finally, after a brutal winter of constant inclement weather! Now, there are more sunny days with longer daylight hours and the first flowers of spring are blooming. The migratory birds have returned from Mexico and beyond to mate and raise their young off-spring. Hearing their lovely spirited songs and calls for a mate bring joy to my day.

The rabbits had been tucked into their winter quarters; so being aware of the season’s change, the adults ventured out to the lawn for a munch on the newly sprouting weeds appearing in the rough lawn. Mating season has been witnessed by me as the spring chase is all around us by the birds, squirrels and rabbits.

The bright moss in the lawn, garden beds and forest is healthy due to the temperate weather which means I will need to rake the garden to remove it for the survival of the vegetable and flower plants. Otherwise wild thimbleberries, salmonberries, huckleberries and nettles will start growing within the mossy environment. Those native shrubs do very well outside the perimeters of the lawn and garden. The birds during the latter part of summer feast on the berries before migrating south. We look forward to their return again next spring when we hear the song birds sing again and being entertained watching the rabbits running after each other.

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