The Queen Anne’s Lace is growing wild with tall stems along the edge of the road where I walk everyday.  This plant intrigues me with its tall lanky stems; its leaves are fine and lacy wrapping around the wavy stems.  The plants growing in a cluster with their stems twisting  and turning  in every direction create lovely negative spaces that make an interesting composition.  On the top of the stems are the white delicate lacy cluster of flowers that look like lace but the surprise is in the very center a small purple flower.  It’s like a jewel.

Once in a while I spot the white round blossoms on a stocky sturdy stem with long dark green leaves.  It’s the drab Pearly Everlasting plant in amongst the Queen’s Court.   Soon the  cluster of round pearly blossoms will open up to spread its seeds.

10 thoughts on “Queen Annes Lace and Pearly Everlasting in a Summer Bloom

  1. That could well be the case. Last week I bought a sketchbook with different colour pages. A white flower or whitish-yellow flower would stand out even more on a sand-brown or light grey background.
    Still, your sketches are always lovely.

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  2. Jeffrey: Queen Anne’s Lace is also known as Wild Carrot, Bird’s Nest and Bishop’s lace. The Western Pearly Everlasting can be dried and was used for medicinal purposes by Native Americans. Wild Yarrow grows along side the road among the other mentioned wild flowers.

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  3. Queen Anne’s Lace is so common, that we soon fail to notice them. We no longer register them, and they sink into the unnoticed realm. Another indication of why bilomathews in so valued. She touts the common, displaying why the common is in fact very worthy of being seen as fascinatingly worthy of our close attention.

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