Stopping at the Bread Farm bakery in the small rural community of historic Bow is always a treat for anyone meandering or browsing while driving through it; if you blink while following the turn in the road, you’ll miss it among the other shops next to it. Before my husband and I arrived at that particular bend, we spotted a mother and young daughter standing at the edge of their large property selling bags of bright red apples for five dollars. Being that fall is arriving and the sugar in apples is sweetening and possibly ready for harvest, we made a quick stop and purchased a bag.. The young girl was so pleased and appreciative she gave us a big smile and thanked us.

We continued on into Bow for a stop at the bakery for Bill to satisfy his sweet tooth with a cinnamon twist and then continued home toward the island. Upon our arrival, I bit into a deep red apple and discovered they had been picked too early and were without much flavor and had a rather woody texture; even so, the purchase was worth making a young sales person happy with more money in her cache. Also the beautiful assortment of reds, yellows and greens in the apples made a colorful center piece in the kitchen, plus gave me the opportunity to sketch them.

4 thoughts on “Apples from the yard

  1. Yes. It is difficult to find apples on the market that are tart and juicy that bake so deliciously well in a butter crusted pie with the hot bubbly sugary juices forming around the edges. As a kid, my family always looked for Gravenstein trees growing in farm fields so we could ask the owners if we could pick the apples from their tree. Those trees are now far and few plus the apples too perishable to sell in the markets. We have resorted to purchasing the apples from the large commercial apple producers east of the Cascades and the only apple we eat during the entire winter are the Fuji’s that will remain crisp, tart and sweet while kept in the refrigerator. Thank you for your kind words about my short stories attached to some simple sketches. Take care, be safe and remain healthy.


  2. I more than usually enjoyed this apple experience writing. That you made the girl happy so describes who you are. You would never drive back and displease the young orchard merchant with a demand for your money back. Apples? There are varieties I cannot find now, and miss, especially Cortland apples, that bake so well in the oven! Always I open your shares, especially to enjoy the watercolor paintings. Paintngs they are, no?


  3. That’s interesting info about storing apples in newspaper. I will give it a try with tase that we have but at the same time hate to give up the bowl of red apples. We always purchase Fuji apples all through the winter. They keep a lot longer and we like their crispness/tartness. Thanks for the compliment on the watercolor sketch of apples. I just tried working with acrylic on a large painting with total failure. No more! Oils are more user friendly! I am so comfortable with watercolor at this point.


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