This entire week the weather report kept promising a cold front from western B.C., Canada, heading toward the northern western states and bringing snow with it. Almost a phenomena on Christmas Day in the Pacific Northwest!! This morning, December 26th, we woke up to a beautiful blanket of white snow covering the ground as far as we could see.

Later, after morning chores completed, I sketched the backyard bird feeder as the local birds gathered near for a chance to get a black sun flower seed from the feeder. I spotted the usual Nuthatches, Chickadees and Juncos crowding around the cylinder, grab a seed then fly away to rip off the shell for the inner seed. Three days ago, we poured more feed into the mesh cylinder to ready for the storm; but it appears sometime tomorrow it will be empty again since the birds are unable to mix their diet with native seeds hidden underneath the snow.

From my upstairs window while admiring the snow, I observed one of the large fir trees that stands out from the others: It is healthy and has a somewhat symmetrical shape with branches nearly touching the ground and very picturesque with the fine snow covering the needles on its sweeping branches. Evergreen trees are very time consuming to sketch because of the fine detail, values, perspective and shape to express the tree’s own character, the reason I don’t always sketch them. Today, I spent some time completing the challenge with patience.

2 thoughts on “The white stuff arrived a day after Christmas

  1. Lois, thank you for your latest post. We have the same winter birds here in Montana and feed the same way. They count on us. Thanks, too, for explaining the process of sketching the fir. Complex, indeed, and requiring much patience. Beautifully rendered.
    Best wishes for the New Year,


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