Wednesday was Plein Aire day for the Whidbey Island Artists group so I packed my folding chair and art tools into my car and drove north about 20 miles to Coupeville to sketch Penn Cove and the wharf that includes a board/batten wood building from past years. The morning was beautiful, sunny and warm making it easy to settle for a lovely view along the grassy bank with an incline to the shoreline.

While sketching, I noticed a gal waving her hands and saying hello to me. I didn’t recognize her as being part of the WIA group, so I called back asking “who are you?” She replied, “I’m your daughter!” Surprise! She had driven to Coupeville for a short visit before returning back to Oak Harbor. We chatted for a while then she continued with her errand. Sometimes, it can be a small world on Whidbey making life wonderful and full of surprises.

The graphite sketch was completed after my daughter left that day The composition is the long wharf extended on the north side of the small Coupeville village and it is a great walk on a sunny day. Penn Cove harbor is long and somewhat narrow creating a safe harbor for boats. In the future I plan to use this sketch for a watercolor painting.

9 thoughts on “Coupeville City Wharf

  1. Hi Lois! I’m ready to share my WC painting on my blog. Would it be okay to share a link on my blog to this post of your skillfully executed sketch of the wharf?


  2. Hi Lois. I am finally writing my blog post to go along with my Whidbey Wharf Sunset watercolor and wondered if I could link it to your blog post of this amazing sketch. Let me know. Thanks! Carol


  3. Hi Lois. Yes, thanks for asking. I’ll post it on my blog sometime this month! I enjoyed seeing all the starfish and other creatures in the shallow water there along the dock. Your sketch helped me remember lots of details about being in Coupeville. We stayed at a B and B there called the Lovejoy Inn, but I think it has closed since then. It’s nice to correspond with you!

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