I love late spring while the open fields and shoulders on the roads throughout the rural areas on the island are covered in colors of sparkling spring green mixed with large clumps of stark white flowers dotted with yellow centers. The fields are covered with the white ox-eyed (Leucanthemum vulgare) daisies that are sometimes called dog daisy and considered a weed. Their origin is Europe and Asia and now habitat North America. The roots and leaves are edible either raw or cooked according to my research about the flower. I have not attempted to include these in my diet.

There is a large open field near my house covered with these daisies. I walk passed it on the road and a driveway dividing the field just to enjoy observing the beauty of the spring colors, plus wild birds flying above or darting into the tall grass and flowers. Yesterday after my walk I recorded the scene onto the heavy weight handcrafted paper using watercolor gouache. The gouache is a perfect medium for this type of paper that otherwise soaks up the transparent watercolor paints making the images too light.

2 thoughts on “Spring wild daisies in the fields

  1. Yes, spring is a good time to enjoy and paint wild flowers. They are plentiful on the island and I’m not sure I can record them all, even so, it is relaxing and fun to escape with brush, watercolors on paper. I would love to see more of your nice painting scenes of Whidbey on your own blog.


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