The skies were covered with a mix of patchy white, and steel gray clouds this morning; the type that look like a storm was moving in our area from the south. The air was heavy and cool. All was quiet except for the loud brassy, “caw, caw, caw”, coming from the direction of the nearby evergreen branches hanging overhead. Moments later the raven received a reply from its mate in the distance. These loud cries went on for several minutes while I was walking back home from my morning stroll.

As I passed by where the large raven was perched on the tree branch, I could hear a clap of thunder from the sky and getting louder with each rumbling, like an angry dragon. There was still a distance to go before reaching home, so I sped up my pace in time to step through the doorway as the intensity of the storm increased. Finally secure in my home, my husband handed me a cup of hot coffee and then we headed back outside to sit on the porch, with a covered roof, to watch the storm from our comfortable chairs.

The storm has now passed and the skies are brighter. The small birds are singing to each other again and there has not been any other warning calls from the raven. Nature gives many gifts and surprises that amaze me each time I pay attention to what surrounds me.

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