Constant one hundred percent wet rain for the last few days has kept me indoors most of the time so to not drive my husband crazy, I sat at the window for a while and sketched the bird activity at the feeder. What an assortment and variety of birds gathered around the feeder at the same time without social distancing or carrying whether the other species was within their space; but tolerance became short at times, when I noticed a bird would charge another with warning “this is my feeding territory, go find your own.” A total entertainment for Bill and myself, plus practicing and learning to loosely sketch different shapes and colors of birds. Next sketch will be the hummingbird feeder activity….that will be a challenge!

The bird in the tree is nondescript. There were several Evening Gros-beaks, Oregon Juncos, a variety of House Finches and Chickadees, and others at the feeder that day of the sketch.

The sketch was done using wet on wet with Paine’s Gray watercolor onto the heavy textured handcrafted w.c. paper.

6 thoughts on “Bird in the fir tree

  1. Thanks, Mary, for your thoughts on birds. I’d love to receive the Finnish bird song. Maybe I can use the lyrics to my sketch. So good to hear from you, and fortunately while I was browsing through the administration section of my blog and discovered this ‘comment’ section that I had no idea existed. yea. Now I need to reply to some other comments from viewers. It must be difficult not being able to share your music with the physical group; but, thank goodness for ZOOM you can still have fun singing together. I participate with my bible study class through ZOOM…It works quite well.


  2. Lois…I belong s small women’s chorus. One of the women just gave a talk about birds in music. She is going to give a concert of bird songs…..some day. Anyway her talk about why she chose to focus on bird music was so thoughtful and inspirational. And then I accidentally read your essay and viewed your illustration and it was so perfect! Thank you. I don’t “do” any kind of social media outside of email or messaging but Mark does. He needs to alert me to your posting. Of course all my interactions are on Zoom when talking about a choir. I will send you a Finnish bird song that our choir sang last Sunday. I am still waiting for our choir director to release it. Thanks Lois. Mary H

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  3. Beautiful… i think i could feel the rain 🙂
    we need it in Texas

    I enjoy your gift, Thank you for sharing it
    Take Care…You Matter…
    Be Well

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