The frogs vocal croaks have been loud and plentiful this fall resonating through the tall evergreens around the neighborhood. We listen to their single messages that are hundreds of feet distance from each other. Could these lovely vocal green amphibians be tree frogs? In the spring, we can hear the chorus of frogs that habitat a pond on a neighbor’s property; but, near our house, we hear all the croaking coming from a single critter possibly attracting or notifying the other nearby frogs of their location.

Being so many frogs exposing themselves during this wet season, I wasn’t surprised to spot that one had it’s life cut short as it attempted to hop across the road. It was drizzly and wet during my morning walk, a perfect setting for other amphibians to venture out that day. A few steps further a Salamander about five inches in length was on its way to cross the hard pavement. I found a stick to turn it onto its dorsal side to photograph its belly for a later journal sketch, and then I flung it into the brush to prevent another critter’s end of life.

Several new mushrooms beneath the tall evergreens are forcing through the hard soil to reach the sunlight appearing in all sorts of strange shapes with pale colors. Most are of one variety and consistent formation and then a few will have unidentifiable formations and look really out of this world. I am not a wild mushroom connoisseur but sort wish I had the knowledge of safely identifying all those fungus growing. They do look very appetizing with their pale pink and brown color.

Sometimes I have to encourage myself to get outdoors to walk in the rain, but when a new discovery are finds of nature’s gifts, the first step through the door was worth the effort.

3 thoughts on “Salamander, Frog and Mushroom

  1. Lois: The frogs you hear could also be Pacific Chorus Frogs, a small bronze frog that we have in abundance here on the island. Salamanders or newts? I had newts lay eggs in my pond and the tadpoles, which they are called, matured. I watched all their different stages. At first I thought they were frog tadpoles, but it turned out they were newt. Do you take photos when you are out for reference when you paint? Deon Deon C. Matzen, Designer P. O. Box 13 Clinton, WA 98236


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