Sketching on Whidbey Island
Washington state, USA

Bio: I enjoy creating and handcrafting my own sketchbooks using selected papers for pen/ink and watercolor sketches. The reason for crafting my own books is to select a variety of papers for each of my sketches plus it is so much fun. I have always sketched, painted or had fun creating some type of art for many years. Now that I am retired, I am able to spend more time painting with colored pencil, oils and watercolors. I have had the pleasure of selling my watercolors to the public in areas where I live. I live on Whidbey Island, Washington where I try to capture the essence of island life and native settings before it disappears by increased population growth.

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6 thoughts on “About

  1. Jeff, thank you for your thoughtful comments and continued visits to my blog. I am still enjoying wildlife and nature’s changes with open eyes on my daily walks but at this time my energies are focused on creating journals about this summers travels with husband and family; plus my granddaughter has requested a crazy quilt that I need to complete soon. I am looking forward to more posting on my blog in the near future; there is so much to observe and share.

    I enjoy your beautiful photos of the delicate butterflies you have been fortunate to observe on your journeys. Some of them are amazing and I would not have known about certain species if I were not following your blog. Thanks to your wonderful camera and your skillful talent.


  2. OK. Enough suspense. Your wordpressblog is no longer active. This site is also not so active. I enjoy your watercolors and the experiences that sustain them. i enjoy your calm, thoughtful commentary.
    I am very glad that you continue to look into
    May I ask why you have limited your drawings and thoughts? They are you, and they are anticipated.


  3. Thank you, Leslie. I try to express what I see along my daily walks or hikes on Whidbey Island. Most of the time my sketches are by memory and other times I have to use my iPhone to capture a scene due to time and inclement weather. It is so enjoyable to record and share nature with viewers.


  4. Oh my goodness! Your journaling is wonderful! Thankyou for dropping by my blog and leaving a comment so I could visit and take in your wonderful paintings. They don’t appear so sketched to me. I’m going back to the main page to take a little more in. That post with the birds caught my eye for sure!


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