This oil painting of our garden shed, I did from a photo taken during last summer’s long dry season. In the real life it is my favorite spot throughout all our other plants and native landscape: It is in a location away from the tall evergreens where the sun lays its rays upon the soil to warm the earth for flowering plants and vegetables to produce; plus, it is in constant change during the growing season. The shed is cedar board/batten that Bill constructed many years ago for garden tools and the entrance into our fenced vegetable garden. That is the part I love most about this garden shed. I can stand inside the shed, lean on the gate to the garden for several minutes while being protected from the sun to enjoy the summer’s warmth and watch the vegetables grow. It is so relaxing and satisfying to see all the greens slowly appear from a pencil point size seed to this eclectic assortment of tasty nutritious food. Nature is amazing!

Having to be indoors during the heavy rains this week, I decided to paint a scene that would remind me of those warm, dry and bright days of summer…so I selected my favorite spot. The painting was an experiment with oil pastels on board, a medium I haven’t worked with for a several years. Total fun!

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