The long snow event in the northwest is finally coming to an end with the arrival of more seasonal weather that will melt the snow. Yay…I will soon be able to get outdoors for some fresh air and needed walking exercise. Although, I can’t really complain: Staying indoors has encouraged me to clean house, put away the ceramic Christmas tree, select items to bring to the thrift store drop off center for recycle and, best of all, spend more time to sketch the outdoor snow scene from comfortable chair next to my window.

There is a forest view from the living room window of mostly cedars and evergreens. Growing in front of the dark trees is a group of wild willows about fifteen to twenty feet in height. Presently, the long branches are heavy laden with snow and striking against the dark tree and wild shrubs in the background. The native birds fly quickly from the feeder toward the willows to hide away in the mass of branches. Its future of its life is nearing each year as it decays and eventually falls to the ground; but, in the meantime, it supplies a refuge for the birds and is a beautiful brilliant yellow/gold color in the fall that contrasts with the trees in background.

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