A determined Hummingbird in search for a mate

Yesterday was cold with a heavy precipitation most of the day but that didn’t deter the small Anna’s Hummingbird’s determination to post himself not more than ten feet from the sweet syrupy Hummingbird feeder. He established his perfect perch on top of the flower basket hanger in front of the dining room window, where I kept a watch on his activity, from early morning until almost sundown. He was burning up a lot of his energy by the constant motion of his head turning quickly side to side for any females heading to the feeder and predators that had other plans for him.

It was thoroughly entertaining and educational to watch his behavior and activity when female Hummingbirds came close to his perch. In a resting mode, he would make a dart to the feeder to replenish the burned calories while trying to impress a beautiful female; or, he just remained perched and his colorful feathers would become more subdue. I cannot explain the scientific theory for the sudden flash of brilliant colors appearing on his feathers, even on the gray day as yesterday. The upper chest, neck and top of his head would turn an iridescent red the entire time his head was in motion. If a female approached the feeder he would immediately zip over to her, making lots of buzzing noise with his wings, but she would quickly fly away with him in pursuit; then shortly after, he would return to his perch for more patrolling.

In the afternoon, he did finally attract and impress a female when I peered through the window to see two hummingbirds dancing and making quick darts around the feeder and bushes. It would have been somewhat dangerous to be within their space as they performed several quick aerobatics.

I sketched the front and back view of the male Anna’s Hummingbird colors during yesterday’s mating scenario. Even the back feathers had changed to a warm tan.

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  1. What a beautiful description of your observations. You are lucky to be able to observe from inside while staying warm and dry, and I’m glad the rainy day gave you something spectacular to witness!

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  2. Yep…all is well here in Clinton. Bill and I have been heavy into yard maintenance removing the overgrowth on our property. I can’t believe that I transplanted two rhodies and remodeled a walkway near the front porch! I am not by any means a young energetic gal any more, but feel like it, at times. The painting group from Greenbank (Whidbey Island Artists) has kept me busy on ZOOM and plein aire on island; plus I have not been interested in sharing my work on my blog with all the other responsibilities taking up my space.
    You talk about school in your message…are you taking classes or teaching? It’s good to keep busy during any type of condition we experiencing🙂 It is good to hear from you and thanks for your positive comments.
    Take care and make every day special. Lois


  3. Nice piece and the first I have gotten in a long time. Hope you are well and thriving in the typical weather we are having. Sunshine while school is in session to create foment and raining for several weeks after it is out. Typical. Good though too so that by the 4th no one will burn us down. Liked the piece and the paintings. Take care. Deon Deon C. Matzen, Designer P. O. Box 13 Clinton, WA 98236 https://theruralgallery.com/ https://deonmatzen.wordpress.com/ dcm@theruralgallery.com


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