In the early spring the red huckleberry, a native bush, peeks out from beneath the tall evergreens reaching for sunlight, protruding from the tops of rotten old growth tree stumps or growing in the open sunlight at the edge of the forest. They are covered with small delicate almond shaped spring green leaves. Several branches extending from the main stem crossover other branches creating a delicate lacy texture juxtaposed against the nearby tall dark thick tree trunks. The long draping branches extend outward and droop slightly to the ground so the light weight of the branches will dance and twist with the wind.

During the spring months, tiny single blossoms appear throughout the bush before bearing small bright red transparent berries in the summer. The bush maintains its delicate lacy appearance with the addition of the tiny red berries decorating the plant like a unique Christmas tree with red ornaments. Throughout late summer, the birds that habitat the area before returning south for the winter will harvest the entire bush for the nutritious fruit that gives them energy needed to feed their young and the return flight.

This sketch was completed today from a branch I broke off from the main stem during my walk. Several bushes are becoming dormant and dropping their leaves. Soon all that will remain through the winter will be the interlacing branches. Note: The sketch was photographed by me using my iPhone and then downloading the image onto the photo icon on the computer. The final image has a green tint background rather than white as the original. The tint was not my intention and it causes the lack of crispness to the image….

6 thoughts on “Red Huckleberry – Vaccinium parvifolium

  1. Thank you kestreighwh. It’s a challenge to paint the correct line of botanical plants…but, I think this painting expresses how graceful this inconspicuous plant is among the other scrub in the forest or open areas.


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