On Thursday, Bill spotted what he thought was a green twig on the porch. But after taking a closer look at the unusual appearing object, he was surprised it was a three to four inch Praying Mantis resting in the open space. The Mantis was very well disguised in its green leaf appearing garment from the overhead owls, hawks and eagles.

Praying Mantis on Whidbey Island! In all my many years, I have never ever seen this unique insect on the west side of the Cascades, so you can imagine how disappointed I was to not have seen this creature on Thursday. But yesterday, taking a stroll on the nearby road, I saw my first ever P.M. resting in the open on the paved roadway. Its vibrant green body color immediately attracted my attention toward it. The size was two and half inches long and in a sitting position and as I approached it for a better observation, it raised the front legs in a praying position (probably praying I wouldn’t harm it.) Praying Mantis are amazing creatures and beautiful to the human eye but a deadly threat for other bugs! The P.M will attack its prey for a good meal, even the female will eat off the male’s head while mating! That’s a very short and strange courtship!

Sighting two Praying Mantis in one week was an unbelievable treat to us and I want to share our special treat to all.

5 thoughts on “Praying Mantis on the west side of Cascades?

  1. We though maybe they flew from the fires to the west side low lands. I heard from my cousin that two were seen in Bainbridge Island Garden. Your comment is interesting…I will talk with the land owner up the street who has planted a beautiful veggie last spring and it’s mostly organic. He would be the only nearby with a garden. And, I spotted that one P.M. maybe 1000feet from his property. The one Bill spotted was on the porch at Glendale….no nearby gardens there.


  2. Those sights were the first for both Bill and I. I thought their habitat was mostly east of the Cascades. Evan caught one year and going to keep it for a pet…I hope he let it free. We are wondering if the forest fires caused them to fly west into the low land.
    Two in one week is amazing after all these years w/o sighting one!


  3. I would suspect that someone purchased them as a bug fighter. They are sold online to put in greenhouses and gardens to eat local pests. Usually they are sold as egg casings and left to hatch in the garden. Someone in your neighborhood must have gotten some and they laid eggs which hatched late. They are great wanderers if there are no bugs in the garden where they were residing. Deon Deon C. Matzen, Designer P. O. Box 13 Clinton, WA 98236 https://theruralgallery.com/ https://deonmatzen.wordpress.com/ dcm@theruralgallery.com


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