The first wind and rain storm during the beginning days of autumn blew like a torrent through the island ripping the dry summer leaves and brittle branches to the wet ground. The dry decaying deciduous trees toppled onto the roads and long driveways to block owners from entering onto their property. Fortunately, the power remained intact on most of the island and we did not have to wait hours for it to return. The rains were welcomed by the trees, plants and vegetable gardens and many folks who were in close proximity to the threatening forest fires along the western coastal states. The heavy rains doused most of the fires so we no longer had to endure the heavy smoke that forced us to stay indoors for more than a week!

After the wet and windy storm, I ventured outdoors for my usual two mile walk to observe any changes from the strong winds and possible social chat time with neighbors if they were outdoors. I noticed that a fragile tree had fallen across the new neighbor’s long driveway to their house that will need to be removed when they arrive back on island; it’s too heavy for Bill and I to remove it. The fresh air and light wind was welcomed into my lungs with the brisk walk and feeling content with the coming change of weather. The treasures I found were a few wet windfall leaves I picked up, brought them home and painted their image onto watercolor paper experimenting with a variety of hues using the three basic primary colors as my palette.

6 thoughts on “Wind and Rain on the island

  1. Thanks, Deon. Lichen loves and survives well in areas where the environment is free of pollution and healthy… .there is plenty of lovely lichen on the island 😀. The colors and the way the branches twist and form from the main body is intriguing and very difficult to replicate with paints. I agree he contrast of the light gray/aqua against the dark greenery in the wreaths would be striking. Hmmm, I’ll give it try this Christmas. Take care


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