The kitchen window in my house offers me a wide open view of the wildlife activity in our backyard while I’m at the sink; consequently, I’m frequently peering out to see any new action each time I glance up from what I doing at the sink. Often there will be a lone deer or a whole family of deer slowly cruising the perimeter of the lawn area searching for tasty appetizers among the many plants before settling down to a serious meal on a rose bush, camellia plant, or other valuable plant.

Almost every morning rabbits visit on our grass and weed lawn intent on whatever is within their munching range.  Well, its better they be there than in our fenced vegetable garden that contains really tasty stuff they like!  One year they ruined our entire bean crop by biting into the base of each stalk.  We then found the hidden opening in our fence and mended it.

Last week, I really got behind my morning kitchen clean up when I peered out the window to watch a lone robin pulling on a long strand of  grass attached to a large clump of ornamental grass planted near the frog pond.  The robin’s back and legs were stretched out as far as they could reach to snap off that one strand.  It was added to the other long strands of grass that were trailing from its beak.  I watched this gathering for several minutes before the Robin flew away to its nest building in the nearby tree.

I am so thankful and lucky to have a large area that offers a safe nature refuge for a variety of wildlife.   Plus, while observing their behaviors, I can sketch and paint their actions for my journal.  This sketch was done with watercolor pencil.