The winter wind blew with strong gusts and intermittent showers this early morning.  This type of cold gray wet weather will mostly discourage me from wrapping myself up in warm waterproof clothes to keep me dry while out in the elements; but, today I challenged the weather and ventured out for a quick morning jaunt.

Not long into my long vigorous steps, I spotted a very small empty bird’s nest on the wet road that must have been blown out of a group of bushes or trees by the force of the strong wind.  I bent down and picked it up to see if it was still intact and to my amazement it was and without any sign of past bird activity.  It had been loosely but strongly built with delicate roots, twigs, stringy strands of lichen and long black horse hairs; then, for some reason abandoned by the builder.   It is beautiful and I could not leave it to become damaged from vehicles moving on the road.  So it is the painting subject in today’s journal.

Pausing to observe the construction of the small nest reminded me of how vulnerable and unexpectedly our lives and comforts can be disrupted by nature’s force.  The severe weather and natural disasters this fall have caused so much sorrow and disaster to people’s lives where they have had to change their daily routines to unknown futures.   I pray they will find strength to cope and receive the support and love from family and friends this Christmas.