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If it can rain ‘cats and dogs’, why can’t it rain frogs and worms?  Sounds silly, of course, since I never see dogs, cats, frogs or worms falling from the sky when it rains; but, think about it for a minute.  Why then do I see dead stretched out worms and frogs on the wet road after a heavy rainfall during my morning walk when the sun shows it face between the cloud breaks?

In my long ago younger days, my dad and I would go together for walks after a long period of rainfall.  And, I being much closer to the ground at that time, would notice several worms on the road which made me wonder, “Why are there so many worms on the road after it rains” and “How did they get there?”  So asking my dad, who liked to kid, he  would always reply, “they fall from the sky with the rain”.  Being he was my dad who knew everything, I believed him!

So the other day after a long period of rain, I went for my daily walk and was reminded again of my dear dad’s comment, ‘worms fall from the sky with the rain’ .