I’ve been to Glacier, Yellowstone, and Grand Tetons National Parks, Maine, Vermont, Western and Eastern B.C., Canada and even into the Canadian Rockies and many other habitats for Moose and never spotted a one; even in the early morning and early evening hours with my eyes searching bogs, meadows and birch forests!  No Moose!

And then, while my daughter was driving our rented car along a quiet road heading toward Jakobstad, Finland this summer, we spotted about three of them grazing in an semi open field surrounded by birch trees.   She almost drove off the road we were so excited and surprised!   We did an immediate U turn and headed back to snap a few photos.   So as she drove passed them I quickly clicked the iPhone several times.  Yay, we have a record of our spotting!  I checked the iPhone to review what I had captured…..no Moose!  What!  How could it be I clicked only the field and trees between the Moose?   Too late.  There was no time allowed for another turn around as it was starting to get dusk and we needed to reach our new lodging for a few days in Jakobstad with relatives.

So all we have is a memory and my sketch using two photos from the internet….but that’s okay, I am assuming all Moose have that unique, awkward shape with parts that just don’t seem to purposely relate to each other   Even so, I love them as they are!