Friday, my plan was to sketch with a group of Whidbey Island Sketchers at a designated location on the island where the sketchers would gather.  I am not often able to join the group for sketching time outdoors so yesterday was going to be an enjoyable event.  I drove to the scheduled spot, waited 45 minutes for others to arrive; by 1:15 the other sketchers had not shown up; I messed up on the time, again; I’ll meet up another day.  So I decided time was valuable then drove to two historical locations in Langley to sketch.

First location where I settled down with my painting tools and sun hat was at an old cemetery on a hill above Langley.  I selected one of the few benches placed throughout the grounds for visitors to sit and relax while spending meditation and reflection time of  loved ones.  The bench was directly in the sun and I was getting more and more uncomfortable from the heat and the sun’s glaring rays on the white paper but I was able to get in one sketch before becoming blind.   Then I drove just down the road to the Anderson family farm  another historical site in Langley.  It’s a lovely old farm with open fields of pasture land with cattle, horses, goats and chickens; an old double story house, unique old barn and a lovely arty decorated chicken coop with tons of wire to keep chickens in and predators out.  The person maintaining the grounds has planted a field of dahlias, some garlic and other veggies plus several varieties of fruit trees labeled with hand printed signs.  I love the character and charm of this place. There is  a small crafted lean-to shed filled with flowers and vegetables that can be purchased on the honor system.

Outside the make shift fencing is a commissioned hand crafted bronze type metal table with benches on each side of the table and an umbrella on a pole in the center.  I sat at this table in the shade of the umbrella and started to sketch the flower shed and the old house with the one of its green houses in the foreground.  This land mark is so special to the owners and other local residents in the area I assume the relatives had the table crafted in memory of the former owner with the printed raised words formed on the table top: “THE ANDERSON FARM – 1907   PEACE AND LOVE IS ALWAYS FOUND HERE   THANK YOU FOR THE GIFT”