The ambience in the past that had been so fresh, natural with wildlife, beautiful scenery and only a few man made obstacles to obstruct a pleasant view is slowly disappearing with the influx of people’s desire to settle on this rocky, sandy, wet and wind blown island.  I don’t blame folks for wanting to live here away from the horrific traffic and fast life on the mainland; my spouse and I did many years ago.  I guess changes happen everywhere now days.  Time doesn’t move slow anymore as it seemed to when I was young.

To capture some of the ambience that still remains before  more changes occur to the land and beaches or historical buildings,  I photograph or do quick sketches of the scenes to work on in my tiny studio.  Some scenes I have drawn many times and can almost sketch them by memory.

The following three preliminary graphite sketches I have drawn will be painted several times until the right medium expresses my feelings and thoughts for these places that remain on Whidbey.  I plan to put together a collection of these paintings into a journal.   I seldom paint large scenery;  but I so enjoy  creating watercolor journal books of my life on this island!