Our neighbor’s driveway is long with tall deciduous and evergreen trees growing on each side of the narrow dirt roadway.  The wild salal, salmon berry bushes, ocean spray, and nettles grow rapidly healthy during the early warm spring rains; their branches reach out over the roadway.  Over the years the trees have dropped their heavy branches to the floor of the forest from the high winds and the variety of flora have crumbled and decayed creating a soft ground for the deer to bed for the night.  Their hidden bed is barely visible beneath the long hanging branches on the evergreens.

During the early morning hours when the bright sun rays peek through the tall trees, I enjoy walking the length and back on this driveway just to see the color in the shadows against the soft bright highlights on the ground and in the forest.  The morning birds joyous songs echo deep through the forest to my ears ignoring my trespassing through their habitat.