Last week when the rare warm sun was shining on our island surrounded by moving sparkling blue waters, clear blue sky, and distant blue mountains, I took advantage of the day to walk the trail along the very high bluff at Ebey’s Landing.   The entire trail has an overlook of the Straits, other islands, mountains and mainland in the distance.  The view goes on and on as far as the eye can see in all directions with the constant change in color of water and  mountains,  cloud action,  wildlife and boat activity on the water; the big ships pass through the straits on the way to inner Puget Sound ports.

The wildlife consist of several birds, large raptors to the tiny hummingbirds.   On the higher elevation part of the trail, one can witness the backs of large raptors, sea gulls and smaller birds below as they gracefully scan the steep sloping bluff for critters and other interesting food types.

Many of the wild flowers were blooming when I took the walk; my camera was busy photographing the colorful subjects for later painting into my journal.  During a certain time in spring the sloping bluff will be painted with colorful flowers covering the hillside that flow down to the beach.

The Nootka wild rose, yellow crown sparrow on the fence post and the unidentified butterfly taking pollen from a wildflower were captured through the lens of my camera.  I used the photos to paint those special viewed moments into my journal.