Delicate white bells

Hanging from the thin green stem

Hidden in the shade

I am ashamed to admit I don’t  know the botanical name for this tall thin graceful perineal plant  that springs up early every spring  next to the trillium bunch growing in the shady part of my property.  In that same shady area next to the trillium is the shamrock (oxalis acetosella); all three are blooming at the same time.  It is lovely.

The native wild trillium’s beauty is outstanding, blossoms with big floppy pale white almost transparent petals and large green leaves; also the shamrock with its club shaped leaves showing off its delicate white flute shaped flowers.  But, this mystery plant is charming with a long thin strong stem and at the top there may be one or two small blossoms shaped like bells.   It appears to hang its head down not wanting to be noticed, protecting and not wanting to share the dark yellow pollen at the end of its stamens with the bees and insects.


14 thoughts on “Beauty hidden in the shade

  1. I love the Dutch name for Snowdrops and would love to hear it pronounced. They are so delicate and almost unnoticed to the eye since they seem to prefer shady areas in the garden. The bell shaped flower is very similar a plant called Jacob’s Ladder (I am assuming that’s its name)


  2. Missyjean: I found out from a viewer and friend the 16 inch tall stem with the small bell shaped flowers is called Giant Snowflake (gallants naveles.) I am glad you enjoyed my hand painted postcard. I hope your idea spreads and you’ll received more postcards from other painters that you sent out post cards to with your paintings on them…..such fun.


  3. Beautiful!

    You know, each spring I vow to learn all the wildflowers that pop up, (I know many of them, but not all), and it is still a work in progress. This one doesn’t seem familiar to me, and it might be more adapted to the coastal area. How big is it?

    And I received your postcard and I love it! It is hanging up on my “inspiration line”, which is a string with clothes pins that clip tidbits of inspiration hung above my work space. A big thank you. 🙂


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