The other morning the sun met me as I stepped out of the shade into the warm bright glow of the sun.   The rays filtered through the tall dark trees laying long shadows across the road.  The change in the weather was a welcome and it felt like a warm spring day in the middle of winter.

The first song birds have returned to the island singing their joyful songs.  It was delightful to hear them after a winter of silence while they were in their winter habitats.  They were perched in the trees keeping an eye on me as I strolled through my neighbor’s driveway dreaming of the colors and fragrances of spring coming in the near future; following with  long warm days of summer.


5 thoughts on “Walking in the morning sun

  1. I find the sweetness and hope of this post so moving, SWI. And your sketch is superb. During these winter months when we have an occasional day of sunshine, I find myself noticing the shadows a lot more than summer. I think maybe because so many trees are leafless, and the oaks especially cast such interesting shadows. To be able to draw these shadows is real art — and your sketch is much appreciated.

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