Sharp shocking white angles

cutting into the icy blue sky

winds passing over the Cascades

bringing a chill to cut the warmth 

of the morning sun

Another day too cold for a walk along the beach so I sat in the cabin and sketched the Cascade mountain range with its sharp white angles piercing into the icy blue sky.  From where I was sketching the view was sharply clear in brilliant shades of blues with Puget Sound in the foreground and the Cascades in the distance.

The Cascades divide the more humid, wet and cooler western side of our state from the very arid desert (hot in summer and cold in winter) eastern side.  The tall mountain range starts in Canada and ends in northern California changing weather patterns to not reach eastern Washington.  Consequently, the west side of the range keeps the clouds and rain hanging around for some time.

I sketched this scene using my watercolor pencils plus a small wet paint brush to spread the color only in certain areas while maintaining the textural feel of a sketch rather than a painting.   John Law demonstrates  this style using his watercolor pencils on his website (google John Law, artist)   He has several free lengthy tutorials that are excellent if you want to learn how to draw.


2 thoughts on “The sharp white angles of the Cascade mountains

  1. Tomorrow, the mountains will be hidden in clouds while snow keeps falling on them to give us plenty of water this summer. We hear the Sierras have received a large amount of snow this year also to give relief the long draught to California. Wonderful! California in the spring is beautiful when flora and wild flowers suddenly appear overnight.


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