It has been one of those darn frustrating days I find myself working on  an art project and then discover I should have reviewed the important part of the project before beginning it.    Remember the standard rule:   measure twice then cut!  Oh sigh.

It took me two days to paint with watercolors a few small sketches on hot press w.c. paper:  An agate, shamrock, and a blue robin’s egg shell I collected while on several walks; and a heron that I observed while taking photo shots of water birds along the lagoon trail..  Since the sketches were of nature,  the idea of adding some haiku for each sketch was born.   So it took another day carefully arranging words in 3 lines relating to each sketch in what I thought was Haiku form.

According to ancient Japanese haiku standards there are 3 lines: First line contains 5 syllables; second 7; and third 5, with a total of 17 syllables.   The painting project was completed so I enthusiastically went forward with the haiku expression using what I thought to be the haiku style, 7 5 7 with a total of 19 syllables not knowing I had reversed the numbers.

The next part of the project was taking several photo shots of the finished project using my camera and scanner then after over 30 attempts finally produced a somewhat acceptable copy to share on my W.P. post.  “Thank goodness, finally it’s completed and ready.”  “First better do some checking on spelling of haiku” and that’s when I discovered half my day just went down the drain!

Not letting this failure get the best of me, I decided to post the project even with the broken rule in haiku.   Even still, I enjoyed the challenge of arranging words to form a meaningful expression with words relating to my sketches.  I will definitely do this again using the correct form.  This was my first attempt creating haiku so please advise me with your critique.


13 thoughts on “Just One of Those Days

  1. This is what I’ve learned after several years expressing my thoughts on paper with words and paints: It can be a very humbling experience with an opportunity to learn with humor and flexibility. I agree it can be fun. Thanks for you comments


  2. It’s a lovely page despite the mishap– but I totally understand that sinking feeling of putting hours into something and then realizing that some fundamental part of it is not right. I think that is part of the process of learning and creating, too. It’s just not one of the fun parts.


  3. Love it! I tried doing a haiku a day for a year once, but gave up by March…
    The idea of associating it with a picture is a great one – and I do love your sketches. You have such talent – both artistic and observational!
    Best wishes 🙂

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  4. Your thoughts hit home. You have a healthy recovery attitude along with a good sense of humor needed before tackling any new challenge. I agree, it’s a learning process with an open mind toward creativity w/o worrying about the end result. Thank you for your supportive comment!


  5. Ha! Yes, with our careful way and critical eye, these things still pop up, catch us, slip past. So many designs and projects I thought to be perfect, then, a year later, I glance over my perfect project and it hits me – that feeling of the skydiver who just jumped without his parachute. Eventually, I’ll accept that I’m not perfect (damn it!) Also, I don’t have an editorial staff working for me. You know, seriously, I think it is about doing the work and enjoying the process. I will never be disappointed if you forget to dot your i or cross your t. But when you fail to post …yes, then I am disappointed. Keep going with it. It is great work!

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