The early morning frost covered the green grass creating sparkly silver green blades; old cedar fence post covered with a blanket of crusty frost, even the lichen living on the fence posts looked stiff and cold; clinging frost to the old rusty barbwire where a few Oregon Juncos and robins perched warming their small bodies in the bright sunshine.  The lone road was striking in appearance with the brilliant sun rays shining adjacent to the shadows from the tall evergreens.

The early morning walk was exciting  as I observed how nature changed the landscape overnight but it was also cold to my outer extremities not covered with protection from the cold.   The walk soon ended back in my warm comfortable house where I could see the cold outdoors from  inside the windows.


7 thoughts on “A Cold Frosty Morning Walk

  1. What a gorgeous painting, SWI. I like the sunshine piercing through and the soft edge to the whole painting, and the path that leads us further. Your description of the frost and the wildlife is also enchanting. Lovely post~~


  2. Thank you malcorea. I agree. The first hard frost of the fall season is always so enchanting and delightful. Red Cardinals do not habitat in the Northwest states but I can imagine they would be striking against sparkling white snow or frost on green trees. We have a bird that is very similar to a Red Cardinal and that is the Stellars Jay in colors of blue. Beautiful.

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  3. Beautiful painting and wonderful imagery! There is nothing better in winter than fresh covered snow on the trees. Then add a bright red cardinal, and it is always breathtaking.


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