Last Sunday was one of those days with high soft clouds and the sun filtering through for a soft bright day.   It was warm, no rain or wind blowing so I packed up my art tools and drove over to Hammon’s Preserve  to sketch Cultus Bay.  I sat on a bench located at a higher level of the preserve giving me a terrific view of the wild grasses, old rugged apple trees covered with lichen  and bright red apples.  Most of the apples have ripened beyond their peak and dropped in the tall gold grass for the deer and wild animals to enjoy.  The deer had already harvested the lower apples from the trees.

First I just sat on the bench in the warm sun taking in the fresh fragrance of the earth while enjoying the view.  Then I started on the sketch with a soft graphite pencil onto sketching paper.   When I was in my small studio, I did a final sketch of the scene using a Fantasia Sanquine oil pencil onto tinted art paper.  Well the Sanguine was too light with little contrast on the tinted paper, so then I used General’s Charcoal which covered over the oil pencil perfectly to bring out the dark values.


12 thoughts on “A Sunday Sketch

  1. Thank you, Paula. Yes, I noticed that you’ve taken a respite due to being involved in a project that is important to you. What fun for you. Best wishes with your adventure plus thank you for your kind words on my recent post I hope you take time off for some more posting on your blog.


  2. Dear Lois! I’ve been off line for a while, working on a book and a commission. I love your sketch, not only your choice of materials but the elevated position from which you had an overview. It makes this landscape have a beautiful oval shape which is adding depth and perspective. One of your best sketches!

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  3. Thank you, Deon. I’ll have to give the writer’s group a thought. I enjoy so much what I’m doing with short words of expression/art on my blog at this time, but I will look into it. It’s always good to be open to new areas of potential growth and support from a group.


  4. Lois: Lovely sketch, but the writing is intriguing as well. You should join our writer’s group that meets at the Freeland Library Community Room on the third Tuesday of the month. Generally we meet from 1-4. Deon

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