The early fall came in like a sea hawk with a few days of rain and wind the previous week.  The early strong winds always bring a change in weather.  So today it was clear sunny and crisp cool weather causing people to clothe themselves with warmer garments.  I challenged the weather by walking the beach on the eastern shores on Whidbey where the steep bulkheads are covered with wild brush, sturdy evergreen and alder trees, a small waterfall and lots of beach erioson.   Some of these tree roots had given up holding on to the bank crashing down on the beach from the stormy winter weather beating against the steep bulkheads.

When I started on my 1 1/2 mile hike along the shoreline, I was able to pass between the fallen trees and the tide line.  Being aware of the rising tide I didn’t walk further around the point concerned that I might be caught and unable to get by the fallen trees.   I turned around just in time because the tide had risen 12 inches and I could no longer walk around the large log since it was now in the water.   So I had to do a crab crawl under several fallen alder and evergreen trees and crawl over a large log to get through a difficult area on the beach.

It was a great walk with some small challenges along the way….loved it.




8 thoughts on “The rising tide today

  1. Leslie, thank you for your concern. This is the time of season when we occasionally get high winds that bring down the tall evergreen and deciduous trees The sketch was created after an earlier small storm. The big winds we were suppose to get in our area hit Oregon coast and then they moved more west toward the ocean. Whew! Even so, we did get some winds but not damaging.


  2. Oh my! I wondered if you were on the northwest coast. Now I know because I just googled your island. Just saw that you had horrible storms…. Was that after this? Love your sketch and the story of your adventure….. and hope all is well with you.


  3. Thank you, Jet. Deeper into the winter months the high tide is closer to shore breaking and destroying bulkheads during severe storms; the low tides are not as far out from the shoreline as in the summertime. During our last storm on Thursday the trees I had crawled under in the sketch have be broken up and removed by the strength of the breakers at high tide.


  4. What a fun adventure, SWI! I enjoyed your sketch so much, and seeing your crab crawl was a fun personal element, too. Twelve inches of rising tide is a lot!


  5. That’s why I enjoy walking beaches; you never know what lies ahead in the way of physical challenges. . Or it could be agates, interesting shells, driftwood, beautiful scenery, objects in the sand and sea life. Yesterday I had to walk by a dead seal on the shoreline…not a pretty or fragrant experience. I have found Swiss pocket knives, $20 and $5 on two different occasions! Lots of plastic and deflated balloons…disgusting.


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