Creating journals, sketchbooks, notes, cards or any creative attempt using paper is one of my favorite art projects.  This mini journal is an compilation of my watercolor painted scenes that still exist on my island.   And, since there are still many lovely spots that have not been ruined by the increase of population, I’ll be painting and creating my own journals until I can no longer paint.  This journal is in the accordion fold or Japanese fold so it can stand on its own for display.   I just completed this project but it still needs  front/back covers which is the most difficult part of these projects since they need to be the introduction and relate to the inside contents.


12 thoughts on “Scenes on Whidbey Island compacted into a mini journal

  1. Thank you, Melissa, for your comment. Published books and the internet will give you lots of info and demonstrations on how to create your own book. I usually make a sample first out of 8 x 11 paper to see how the layout will be before going ahead with the project. Anyhow, there are many designs to choose plus your own creative ideas. It’s fun.

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  2. Very cool. I have been reading books on bookbinding, because I’ve been thinking of making something along these lines. Seems we’re on the same wavelength. It saddens me, that the population is growing too much there (as everywhere, it seems.) I very much want to move to Whidbey Island, but perhaps…
    Anyway, I really like how you did this so that it can stand, for display. It is a wonderful way to showcase your paintings all together like that.

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