We love to take an afternoon respite on our covered front porch, where we are out of the  hot sun rays, watching the wildlife scene before us with a glass of wine in our hands.   During the sunny days of summer the dragonflies will perform their dances….zigging through the warm air catching bugs or just playing and doing aerobatics across the lawn.

We so enjoy the summer dragonflies but it’s always sad when they die away at the end of their short lived season.  Next spring they will arrive young, strong and colorful for more dances across our lawn while we sip our cool summer wine.

The dragonfly in the above sketch was found on the road during my early morning walk one warm August day.  It was a large insect three inches in length, fully intact and not making any movement.   So, I picked it up and brought it home to sketch with pen and a few added colors of yellow on its body.


9 thoughts on “The last days of summer

  1. I really liked your summer dragonfly sketch and story, SWI. I was just thinking about that today, realizing I hadn’t seen a dragonfly in a few days. It’s great that you were able to sketch this joyful summer creature.

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