ScanI love bright green tree frogs!  They display a brilliant shade of green with a light touch of yellow,  brown spots and creamy white on the its belly.   I will find them during the summer hiding in the shade in very unusual well secluded spots in the garden, under the table on the patio, in metal pipes, in flower pot containers holding water in the bottom…and, sitting on a large string bean leaf hidden in the shade.   This frog in the sketch surprised me when I stuck my hand deeper into the string beans to find a clump of hanging beans on a vine….There it was! sitting quietly and shinning its beautiful green color!   Fortunately, I was able to get a quick sketch before it decided its privacy had been invaded.   Thank you, little frog,  for visiting my garden…..I hope you also enjoyed a great meal of invasive bugs.

4 thoughts on “A Green Tree Frog in the String Beans

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