During the first week of August several of my family members boarded the “Champagne Lady” Argosy boat for a private cruise from Lake Union through the Government Locks then into Puget Sound to celebrate the passing of my niece.   It was a beautiful warm sunny afternoon and the waters were calm like a mirror.  My niece’s ashes came on board with us and were carried by her sister to be placed in the water as we cruised further into the Sound.  The pilot stopped the engines so the boat would float with the current and give us some quiet time for meditation while my niece poured her siblings ashes into the water; then we all said our good byes.

Before the captain restarted the engines, she announced a fin whale in the distance.   We all watched the whale breach several times and then it dove deep into the water  (the depth in P.S. can be up to 600 feet) and didn’t resurface again for sometime.   And, then, we spotted it and this time the whale was quickly heading in our direction.  Yikes, several of us were a little nervous; it got so close, we could see its foot print on the surface of the water heading for the front of the boat.   Next thing we knew, the whale breached about 20 feet from the boat which startled all of us.  The whale was huge!  (Fin whales are the second largest living mammal on earth.   They will average 75 feet and are seldom seen in Puget Sound.)  Several of the relatives were able to get video and camera shots of it.

The day was special and we will all remember that Elaine’s spirit sent us her blessings:  She was safely home.  Thanks to Mike and Jody for such a special memorial ever!

18 thoughts on “Fin Whale breaching in Puget Sound

  1. Your family experience with the fin whale is touching, SWI. There is something about unloosing someone’s ashes in the freshness of the sea that is extra special, and then to have a fin whale join you, well, that is superb. My condolences and thanks to you.

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  2. My condolences for the passing of your niece, dear Lois. I like to second Terri C. I believe too that spirits show us they are in peace. A plant growing on a pet grave, an animal sitting too long on a grave, it is so obvious but we have been trained to be sceptical and therefore we miss out so many beautiful godwinks.

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  3. I so agree with you. At my mother in law’s graveside services a bald eagle flew back and forth nearby sending God’s spirit that she reached the other side. She is Native American and the eagle is very symbolic. God’s spirit works in mysterious ways.

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  4. What an awesome and sad experience at the same time. I truly believe when these kind of things happen, it is their spirit. I had a similar experience when my husband died. He sent a Rose Breasted Grosbeck to let us know he was home.

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