It’s late in August when the squirrels start climbing to the top branches on the Douglas fir trees to pick the cones off the branches and drop them to the ground.  As the cones glide toward the ground we can hear the loud clunk, clunk, bang as they hit and bounce off the large branches.   It almost sounds like a bat hitting a baseball.  The ground and road will be scattered with light green cones everywhere.  Then the busy squirrels will scurry down the trunk and if no cars or people are nearby they will sit and remove the nuts from under the scales on the parameter of the cone.   After they have gathered their cache, what is left is a pile of outer scales with the nuts removed and a demolished cone.

One does not select to pick up the green cones since there will be a sticky pitch oozing from under the spiky pointy scales. When the sun is low in the afternoon and shinning on the tall  evergreens, we can see the pitch sparkle in the sunlight like tiny diamonds  on the tips of the higher branches.

Drinking our morning coffee while sitting on the porch, we enjoy listening the chittering of the busy squirrels as they work throughout the morning removing  the cones from the trees.  We realize the reason for all the new evergreen starters on our property is due to the squirrels busy gathering season.   Bill and I tease each other to bring an umbrella or wear a hard hat during our morning walks.   We sure don’t need  a traumatic head injury from a falling cone.


15 thoughts on “Squirrels getting ready for winter storage

  1. I love to hear and watch the squirrels running up and down trees, chasing and scolding each other, gathering nuts, seeds and other for their winter meals.

    Have you noticed any pear trees growing in the area where the squirrels buried the hulls?


  2. I love this drawing and I know just what you mean about the squirrels. I have two very busy squirrels visiting my flowering pear, daily, right now. They eat and drop the hulls of the fruit on my patio. They also bury them around the base of the tree. Ha!

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  3. Thank you, Jet. Also… my two cats are diligently keeping a sharp eye on the squirrels activities this fall. The squirrels seem to be several steps ahead of them, yea, since the cats have not brought any to our porch.


  4. The sky is falling! Oh wait, it is just some squirrelly activity 🙂 I enjoy sitting on the patio out back and watching our entertaining squirrels and now will see if I can detect them readying for winter. Thanks for describing what to look for. Great drawing, too!

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  5. I liked this one. The same chatter and crashing happens in my favorite spot to sit in the sun. Luckily where we sleep outside is sheltered from these missiles. The trees are loaded with green cones this year. Lots more than I remember in recent years. It is also warm enough to give the “piney wood” smell to the yard.


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