It won’t be perfect, just a little “crazy quilt”


This summer, I am taking a break from my usual sketching and painting; I’m warn out from spending several hours daily, this past spring, on several art projects that needed to be completed.  Yes.  They are done.   So a break to do some reading, a little sewing, walking and spending more time on adventures with my spouse and family will be refreshing.

Stored away in my closet are several scraps of fabric that I would like to use  in a project (my sewing quilt days are almost in the past.)    There in the small stack were some 15 – 17 old quilt squares that someone had sewn together by hand.  They must have  been leftover scraps of material that were on hand in someone’s stash of goodies.  Some of the fabric pattern designs might be back in the 40’s?

I was fortunate to find these squares over 10 years ago while browsing through our local thrift store….I bought them at a fantastic price and swore I would put them together in the future.   The squares are three different sizes:  9 inch; 10 inch and 11 inch which really threw me off on how to put them together in a quilt.  So they got pushed under the pile of other stuff in the closet.    Then the other day they were rediscovered; I sewed strips of material I had on hand to each square under 11 inches square so all squares are now 11 inches square.   Now, I’m in the process of sewing, by hand, all the squares together.

In the slow process of sewing each square onto the next it made me reflect on the person who had originally started this quilt and why it was never finished.  What happened in their life that took them away from the quilting?  The process of sewing by hand is very meditative, slow, rhythmic, and makes me appreciate the days when modern tech life was non existent.  I find it a wonderful time to be relaxed and let my mind wander freely with pleasant thoughts.  It’s also a time to be spiritual……so when this quilt is completed I will call it a Prayer quilt:  I will embroider, by hand, onto the face of the quilt some of my favorite Prayers/Bible versus.

Similar to the prayer quilt is an old picnic yellow/white squares design table cloth my mother used at her large table when she entertained several guests.   Over the many years my mother entertained guest in her home, each guest had to sign their name on the table cloth along with the year they were in the home.   Afterward my mother would  hand embroider each of the names…so now I have that table cloth and the tradition continues with my family.











6 thoughts on “A Prayer Quilt

  1. I like the idea of embroidering guests names on the tablecloth… a wonderful heirloom to pass on. Good luck with your projects.


  2. Thanks, Teri for your comment. I don’t quilt so much any more…only to finish up on some uncompleted project. I also enjoy painting, drawing and creating something new out of any medium is a lot more fun and free feeling than sitting at a sewing machine; too many years have been spent doing that. But the hand quilting is a nice diversion from projects that take a chunk of work and time to do. I have always loved fabric designs and getting my hands on the texture of fabrics and that’s why I enjoy the hand quilting over machine sewing.

    I hope that you will be able to finish your quilt n the near future and share it with your viewers, (or do a sketch of it.) It’s a great feeling to get unfinished projects completed. The paints/haiku in your blog posts are always so positive. I enjoy reading them. Have a great time painting >

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  3. I think we’re related! I was a big time quilter before art took over my life. I have a 1930’s quilt top that my friend gave me because she knew I quilted. All the fabric was from her dresses and her grandmother made it. That was several years ago and I am still hand quilting it. I also have a big stash that is waiting for a special project.
    I love what you are doing to your blocks. Maybe I should take a hint from you and do some sewing. I have a completed top that only needs a back and then off to the quilter. And yet there it sits in my closet.
    Please keep us updated on your quilt.


  4. What a project! I inherited some hand-sewn squares from a friend (who got them somewhere else), but I never managed to put them together, so passed them on again when I moved last year. I like your questions about the original seamstress. Hope you continue to enjoy piecing it all together. (My quilting day are over — at least until grandkids).


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