Last spring during the waterfowl mating season within the Earth Sanctuary located on Whidbey, my fellow bird watchers and I volunteered to monitor the Wood ducks, Hooded Mergansers, Gadwalls, Canada Geese, Opsrey, Bald Eagles, Great Blue Herons, and other birds plus a few turtles and river otter on the three ponds in the E.S.  We had a great time recording, documenting and learning about all these animals during our four month period until the birds started to migrate elsewhere.  This info will be used as a baseline in case any disaster should temporary destroy wildlife along the PNW.   So we volunteer each year to record our findings for future use.

I have downloaded the journal into this blog and I hope that you will be able to open the pages into your computer.   The journal is large with about 14 pages set in JPEG.  If you have any problems please inform me through

A Wallk Through Nature 3


19 thoughts on “A Walk Through Nature; a watercolor journal observing wildlife in Earth Sanctuary

  1. I never saw the male goose on the small island with the nest during incubation. A few times I observed the female leave the nest for about 10 minutes to eat some of the grass that was growing around the nest. The day the eggs hatched, the male still didn’t visit the island. The following day was cold and rainy – he stood by the nest as the female continued to sit, keeping her goslings warm under her wings and maybe still incubating some late hatchers. Everyone was swimming the next day and the whole family is always together now. I did read on Birds of North America that the males have been observed to visit the females while they are incubating. But I never did – just a strange coincidence maybe.

    I guess you didn’t get to see your goose’s goslings?

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  2. Jean, as yet, there have been no big demands for copies of this jounal, but it has been published in the Earth Sanctuary newsletter sent to subscribers via email and posted on the E.S. Facebook. The journal’s layout design is in the Japanese Fold making it difficult to copy. Thank you for your supportive comments, as always


  3. Deon, thanks for your comment. Yes, the ducklings have fledged, reached juvenile and ready to go on their own. Most of the waterfowl have left the ponds so we are finishing up with monitoring. The male W.D. feathers are strikingly colorful during the mating season but it appears they lose those markings afterwards…I don’t know.


  4. Thanks for your added comment, Myriam. I am not sure if the geese attend their eggs without eating during incubation period, or, if the male brings her food. What a delight to watch the activity of the goose during the month. I hope all went well with her chicks.

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  5. Lois: I loved it. The paintings are wonderful and the information is really interesting. Have they hatched and fledged yet? We have wood ducks at the other end of my road. They are beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing.

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  6. Thanks for sharing your beautiful journal, Lois. I enjoyed reading about some of your experiences at the Earth Sanctuary and your accompanying illustrations made them come to life even more. I also had an opportunity to watch a Canada Goose sit on her nest on a little island for month this spring. I was amazed by how much sitting she was capable of. 🙂

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  7. Hi. What a gorgeous blog, and journal. Am now following. Thankyou. Came to you via your comment on Jean’s blog. From Sandi

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  8. Do start a journal! Just start making notes and a description of what you see then on the side or somewhere on your paper draw what you see all in pencil. Pretty soon you’ll have so much fun, you might start adding color to your drawings. It doesn’t have to be a lot at first but as you get confidence in your sketching you’ll know what medium to use for the color and sketches. Just have fun with it. It’s your expression of the day’s events. Start now so you don’t regret later that you hadn’t recorded some of your day’s events.

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  9. I really like the paintings and the story you’re telling. I also would like to start a nature journal, but it must be so much work!!


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