Enjoying the lazy afternoon sunshine on my patio with sketching tools at hand, I had to sketch the soothing feeling of the rhododendron at the edge of the lawn.  Why does this area of deciduous trees, large rhody with its pink blossoms, and dark evergreens give a feeling of peace and pleasure?  Maybe it’s the value range and variety of color in the greens topped with the contrast of the soft pink.   Now, I have captured the feeling in my sketchbook to keep.

I hope that you find time during the day to soothe your soul with just a small part of nature.


7 thoughts on “Nature soothes the Soul

  1. I agree, the Museum of Anthropology is a special place both inside and outside. Thanks for recommending Michael Kluckner; his book of Vancouver paintings sounds interesting, as does his graphic novel Toshiko. The library here has copies so I will definitely check them out. 🙂

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  2. Love this! There is construction going on all around me right now. Looking at your painting I feel a sense of peace. AHHH! Thanks for sharing this, I needed it!


  3. Thank you, Myriam. I agree; Vancouver is a beautiful city of color and diversity. I love visiting neighboring Vancouver and all of B.C.; beautiful parks, scenery and cultural history. The Museum of Anthropology on UBC campus is outstanding with its First Nation artifact collection.

    You might be interested in a treasure I found in an used bookstore in Bellingham, Wa. The watercolorist and author is from B.C. The name of the book is British Columbia in Watercolor by Michael Kluckner. His paintings remind me of English watercolorist showing just enough detail but expressing the mood and feeling of the scene; they are definitely plain air.

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  4. Gorgeous colours :-). You made me smile remembering all the rhododendron bushes in bloom in Vancouver in the spring. The rhododendron gardens in Stanley Park are so lush when the flowers blooms.


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