ScanA warm beautiful morning with the sun rising higher in the horizon.  I sat in my most comfortable outdoor chair and sketched the herbs growing outside of our  veggie garden fence.  The great thing about herbs is the deer won’t snack on them before hitting the heavy stuff so they don’t need to be protected by fencing.   I can quickly run out of the kitchen, grab a handful to enhance the flavor of a meal.  The honey bees and wild bees love them collecting the pollen for their hives plus making the plant healthy.

The herb garden consist of lavender, garlic, chives, two different thymes, oregano and sage.  Oops, almost forgot to mention the small animals enjoying the new spring growth; the black beetle under the sage; the native banana slug underneath the oregano on the lower right; and the domesticated honey bee near the tall stringy thyme.


17 thoughts on “My spring herb garden

  1. Thanks, Leslie. This is the best herb garden I’ve had for years. The oregano, lavender and thyme are about 3 years old; the sage planted last year but doing really well. The chives and garlic have been in the garden for years. Chives spread everywhere and sometimes I have to pull it out to make room for other plants. I always dry the herbs during the summer, store them for gifts during the winter.


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