ScanThe woodpecker is on time every afternoon to check out the tree trunk with his loud raps on the bird house attached to the tree.  Its rapping is so loud even our neighbors over the creek and through the trees can hear it.  Even though the  noise is loud, we are happy that it is gathering the noxious and dangerous bugs  from the tree.

Today while the rapping was going on, two blue swallows were flying around their new home attached to another tree nearby.  I have seen the swallows enter the selected bird house, possibly in the process of getting ready for nesting?.  It won’t be quiet for them while the woodpecker is on its routine food source during the afternoon

6 thoughts on “Peck-peck-peck-peck-peck——–

  1. Thank you, Paula. The bird houses are located on our property and they are about 20 – 25 feet from the ground which makes it too difficult for cleaning each spring. The birds seem to clean house on their own in the spring. One or two of the houses are always occupied. So much fun to watch their activities from the window in our house.


  2. Lovely watercolour, Lois. It has that wonderful depth of a woodland. I don’t think birds mind each other as long as they don’t steal eggs or eat chicks. But I have seen how birds fear squirrels. The birdhouses are yours? do you clean them every spring?


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