Wham! wham! wham! Loud rapid jabs echo through the tall trees within a few seconds as the pileated woodpecker  spears his beak against the side of our wood birdhouse attached to the trunk of our large fir tree.   It is so loud we stop what we are doing to look out the window to watch his activity.    When the woodpecker stops taping, it looks vertically up the tree for bugs crawling out from the deep crevasses in the bark to escape the strange noises echoing  in the trunk.  That’s when we see the woodpecker grabbing several of the escaping bugs for the meal it was searching.

Fortunately, no small birds (swallows or chickadees) have made a nest inside the boxes as yet.   Can you imagine!


5 thoughts on “Pileated “Woody” is back!

  1. North America’s biggest woodpecker is definitely intense! We wonder how their heads stay glued together with all that extremely hard pounding they do. I loved your sketch (and story), SWI, espec. the vibrations around his head and the bug he caught. How fortunate to have the special pileated woodpecker in your presence.

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