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It was warm and pleasant this morning making the early morning walk really enjoyable.   Along the way a Golden Crown Sparrow landed for several seconds on the old fence post nearby me.  It didn’t have time to sing it’s cheery notes since it was more concerned about my movements.  But I was able to study its details for a while before it was in flight again for its busy activity of attracting a spring mate.

I loved the whole scene of the fence post where the sparrow landed upon; it was covered with fresh long vines of stark white blackberry blossoms and new spring leaves…just a mass of berry vines among tall  shoots of dry grass from last years crop in the field.  By June, if the berries have been pollenated, the vines will be covered with those wild tasting delicately small blackberries.  Oh, yum!


16 thoughts on “Golden Crown Sparrow spotted on my morning walk

  1. This bird has striking marks and it was in that position on the fence post along side the road. The back ground is an open field where a lot of bird activity occurs along with wild deer grazing on the long grass during the summer. It’s my favorite field and only 1/4 mile from my property. I am selfish to wish no one would build a home on it and ruin the ambience.

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  2. Such a charming painting and lovely description. I feel as though I was there experiencing it myself. Fingers crossed for an abundance of juicy blackberries!


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