It’s spring, no snow, less rain, more sun, warmer days, lots of birds and growing plants springing from the earth adding fresh aromas to my nose as I enjoy my morning walk.   New changes occurred on my usual a.m. walking route while I was on Maui for the last two weeks.  It didn’t take long for new shoots of wild flowers with colorful blossoms, new grasses in the yards and fields, along with tall weeds to start sprouting with a fast start!  I was amazed how fast they grew during a week of warm weather our island experienced while we were taking a respite on Maui during a time we thought our island would still be in the cold early spring mode.

Now on my early morning walks, I can enjoy the spring aromas in the air from the grasses, wild flowers and warm earth.  This morning I picked some of the wild field grass and a wild flowers that bloom near the field edge to sketch.  The name given for the wild flower in my sketch is Deadnettle, Purple Archangel from the mint family.  This interesting flower changes color on the leaves as they grow closer to the end of the stem.   Starting with a light green on the first leaf then a touch of lavender is added to each leaf on the one above until the intensity of lavender gets richer and darker at the top of the stem.   Very small light lavender flowers protrude from the under the leaves at the top.   These plants can proliferate thickly in one area covering the ground with purple and green; it’s lovely to see.

No walking tomorrow as I plan to work in the garden weeding and arranging a trellis for the spring peas I planted just before we left for Hawaii.  The new shoots are about two inches high….so I better get to them!  I might sketch them if any spare time and energy left.


7 thoughts on “Spring grasses and blooming wild flowers

  1. Beautiful botanical drawing! ..all this happening while away, but I go to bed and arise the next morning and feel the same way when I see all that has changed in just 24 hours this time of year. Right now it’s all about keeping up with the grass. It always is in late April and May. Spring is wonderful. I agree.

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