All this week a woodpecker has been pecking at the corrugated siding on an old barn at the end of Wildes Road making  loud tapping sounds that could be heard halfway down the road.     When I got closer to the barn and its noisy tapping, I was able to hear a goose replying with its loud angry quacking.  Then, soon after in the distance, I heard another faint sound of a woodpecker.  These back and forth replies between the two woodpeckers continued on for sometime as I strolled back down the road and probably continued for several hours more.  I don’t know about the goose and why it was important to get his few quacks into the conversation but it finally stopped.  I assume the two woodpeckers were getting more and more acquainted with each call.  Maybe this summer I will see a smaller version of the Pileated woodpeckers flying from one tree trunk to the other with its parent demonstrating how to search for insects.

I sketched the above scene using a find from the local thrift store, an old Waterman fountain pen made in France with an 18 carat nib!  (And only $0.25!)  It quietly slides across the paper as I sketch making  lovely marks on the paper.   After the sketch was completed, I applied a wet paint brush over some of the marks and lines to create darks areas as needed.


17 thoughts on “Pileated woodpeckers

  1. Thank you, Carol, for your kind comments. We like it here on Whidbey; it’s a perfect area for observing and sketching our native wildlife located in my surrounding average. I walk on rainy, cloudy or even windy days to observe what animals are braving the weather of the day.

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  2. I really like your sketches, and how fun to come across such a terrific fountain pen! We visited Whidbey a few years ago and fell in love with the island. I look forward to reliving the good memories through your drawings!


  3. It’s wonderful hearing about the treasures that surround you–woodpeckers, ducks, country road, and a Waterman pen for a quarter. The pileated woodpeckers are an enormous treat as well. And your sketch is delightful.


  4. I’m one of a small army that love Pileated woodpeckers, thus this one caught my eye and my fancy. A pair sometimes flies through our side yard (we have a wooded patch next-door. The goose as they do, adds local color to this charming account. Never know that Sketching will share next?

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  5. They peck at our wood bird houses on the lower trunks of our fir trees. After about 10 pecks, it leans and tilts its head back to see if bugs are coming out of the tree trunk…it continues on until no bugs appear…this is all done after mating season.


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