The Lenten Hellebores is so appropriately named for this spring season when it is in full bloom.   It’s a delicate plant, its blossoms with translucent petals hanging down playing shy and not showing its lovely face.  The plant is growing in my yard in the shade of a rhododendron bush hiding from the sun.

The Christian Lent season prior to  Easter celebration is a delightful time when color returns to our area.  The camellias, daffodils and hellebores are blooming bringing delight into Whidbey’s  wet, wild,  and windy wintery days.   A time to rejoice!


12 thoughts on “Lenten Rose Hellebores

  1. What a wonderful botanical study! I like how you composed this rendering, showing me the front, part of the back of the bloom and the bud, stem and leaves. Just magnificent!


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