The beautiful  city of Anacortes is the gateway to the San Juan islands and Canada’s Gulf Islands via the ferry boat.  It has set aside large recreational parks within the city limits for people to spend the day enjoying the trails, playing and relaxing.

My spouse and I spent several hours hiking through the forest around Big Beaver Pond and Cranberry Lake and several other small ponds within the forest land park south of Anacortes.  We walked along beautiful wooded trails near the lake and ponds with tall evergreens surrounding us then crossed a small bridge over the waterway between Cranberry lake and Big Beaver pond.   There were a few resident mallard ducks moving on the surface of the lake but too early for other waterbirds; they will be arriving to the area soon for mating season.  I think we will be returning at that time for another hike to watch their mating activities.

That day in the middle of February, the sun was filtering through the morning clouds creating forest shadows on the ground and underbrush; the air smelled fresh from the nearby ponds, budding shrubs, evergreens, and warm ground.  It was a lovely four mile walk even though we did get lost ending up in a residential neighborhood.  Bill and I can get lost even with a map in hand but it’s a fun adventure finding our way back to the beginning.


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