I was out for an early morning walk today and noticed the sweet sound of birds singing their morning songs.  They have returned; spring will soon be here to help us forget the blues, grays, dampness, winds and coldness over the last three months.  Even though winter months do offer its rich beauty of muted colors in the ground and sky, spring brings lots of joy and hope with its colorful palette.

Where are the chirping sounds coming from?  Oh, my goodness, look at all those birds in the tree very near where I was walking.  There must have been 20 birds sitting, arriving in or flying out of the tree.  They all looked to be the same species but I was unable to identify their silhouettes against the dark gray clouds in the early dawn.  They were all the same size and same chirping sounds.  Either they were resting or did an overnight in the bare branched tree.

The quick watercolor sketch was done after I arrived back home with the scene still freshly implanted in my memory.


14 thoughts on “The Morning Early Birds

  1. Sounds like they were a bit impolite, not sharing with you or offering some hints as to what they were discussing. You might consider offering an ongoing program for budding naturalists, Walking and Seeing [All That Surrounds You]. I consistently enjoy your work . . . .

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